About Aircraft Component Repair, Inc.

ACR Facility in Valencia, CA

At Aircraft Component Repair, Inc. (ACR), we consider ourselves a machine shop and engineering company owned and operated by engineers specializing in performing Standard CMM / OHM repairs, ACR-Developed repairs, and one-time reclamation repairs. ACR has a group of highly trained and motivated machinists working on a myriad of equipment; such as lathes, mills, NC Jig Grinders, Presses, and many other machinery onsite. The engineers’ combined work experience and expertise is exemplified by the superior workmanship of each ACR repaired or reclaimed component that is returned to our customers.
We are an FAA, EASA, China CAAC, Thai DGAC and Indonesian DGAC approved repair station, and a leading subcontractor to the airline industry, developing and performing unique piece-part repairs on aircraft components.

Aircraft Component Repair has FAA Approval for the following MINOR Repair Processes:

  • ACR 300-Series Repairs – These are individual repairs that ACR has developed and tested; providing the results to the FAA to obtain Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) approval
  • ACR 3000-Series Repairs – These are individual repairs that were similarly developed by ACR and then evaluated and approved by the ACO
  • ACR 4000-Series Repairs – These are individual repairs that were developed by ACR through processes approved by the FAA ACO and considered FAA-Approved upon completion of development

Whether a full redesign of a piece-part, or a product improvement is required, Aircraft Component Repair, Inc. has the engineering skills to match your needs! Our facility is located in a spacious 10,000 square-foot building within a modern, high-tech, industrial warehouse north of Los Angeles in Valencia, California. ACR concentrates on piece-part repairs to pneumatic starters, constant speed drive/integrated drive generators, hydraulic units, and both pneumatic and fluid valves, as well as other areas of the aircraft.

Company Profile

Aircraft Component Repair, Inc. (ACR) is an FAA Repair Station and a leading subcontractor to the airline industry, developing and performing unique piece-part repairs on aircraft components. Chuck Holden — a former United Air Lines engineer — established ACR in Sun Valley, California in 1976. In April of 1986, Roger Meyerstein and a group of investors purchased the company, and in November of 1989, moved it to its current location in Valencia, California.

ACR, Inc. provides quality, specialty repair and repair development services to airline customers worldwide. ACR functions as an alternative for airlines to repair parts, versus purchasing new ones entirely. Although the market for overhaul and repair work in the aviation industry is rather broad, ACR occupies a niche as a Repair Station specializing in development of repairs that go beyond the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) specifications.

ACR has specific FAA-Authority to create minor repairs considered FAA Acceptable right out of the box. This is due to ACR’s 40-year relationship with the FAA, and is a major source of pride for the company. The primary strength of ACR has always been our depth and breadth of engineering knowledge; simply put, ACR is an Engineering Company run by engineers. Each of the principals of the company brings a unique area of expertise that completes the picture, and solidifies ACR’s Technical Foundation.

Key Profiles

Dennis Mack – ACR’s President/COO joined the company in 1997. He has forty-plus years of experience in Aerospace manufacturing, including thirteen years with GE Aircraft Engines and several years with different Commercial Airline subcontractors. His experience in working for and with FAA Repair Stations gives him a strong position from which to oversee the day-to-day Shop Operations of ACR. Dennis’ technical strength is his shop expertise and experience. He takes great pride in the smooth transformation of a parts from scrap to serviceable, and always rises to the challenge when a shop problem occurs. Dennis is directly involved in the daily evaluation of parts; from incoming requests through final inspection.
Dennis has achieved several levels of Quality Certification and also holds a current FAA Repairman’s Certificate. His breadth of detailed knowledge about so many of ACR’s repairs, as well as his attention to detail has instilled itself in the entire shop, and the machinists know they can always count on his leadership.

Jim Norris – Director of Q.A. and Chief Inspector responsible to the Accountable Manager for Regulatory & Product Compliance. Jim joined ACR in 2002, and has over forty years of experience in the aviation industry. His experience includes seventeen years with Lockheed‑Martin as a Field Engineer for the U.S. Navy, later supporting “Final Assembly/Flight Line” Operations in Palmdale, California. Jim spent six years as the V.P. of Quality Engineering at G&H Technology, Inc. in Camarillo, California, where he built and qualified Space-Rated Connectors for the Trident Missile, Hubble Space Telescope, International Space Station, and various commercial and military aircraft.
Jim holds a B.S. Degree in Aeronautics from Purdue University and has been certified as an FAA Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic since 1980. Jim continues to be a tremendous asset to Aircraft Component Repair, Inc.

Kevin Tung – Director of Engineering. Kevin joined the company in 2008 and he has over twenty years of experience in the Airline Maintenance Industry. Prior to joining ACR, Kevin served as Maintenance Systems Senior Engineer at an internationally known airline. His years at this position have given him tremendous experience in the maintenance of Boeing and Airbus Aircraft. He has experience in Line Maintenance, Troubleshooting Airframe & Powerplant, and Avionic Systems. He also served as an aircraft delivery inspector.
Kevin’s expertise in Aircraft System and Component Reliability helps ACR have a high standard of reliability for its repairs. His hands-on experience in System and Component Engineering provide ACR with a unique airline perspective when developing repairs for aircraft parts.