Aircraft Component Specialties

There is a subtle moment of anticipation. An exchanged cursory glance. A half-cocked smile. And then a quick slash of a blade.

No, this is not the opening prologue to a generic, pulp mystery novella but actually the daily curiosity of the Aircraft Component Repair (ACR) Receiving Department. The experience is much like the joy of opening a box of Cracker Jacks and it’s notable slogan, “there’s a surprise in every box!”

We never know what will arrive at the loading dock of our facility. We’ve received many different components, such as air cycle machines, air starters, CSD and IDG Housings, cylinder blocks, to name a few different types of aircraft components. Chances are we have received one and developed a repair for the part. In fact, in our near forty years of being in the aircraft repair business, we’ve developed thousands of unique mechanical piece-part (SRU) repairs to service airline customers worldwide. Whether the repairs are targeted towards valves, shafts, flappers or fuel pumps, ACR provides high-quality, specialty repair and repair development services as an alternative to reducing costs for our customers and prevent customers from spending more money new parts.

Although the market for overhaul and repair work in the aviation industry is rather broad, we specialize in a niche as a repair station specializing in development of repairs that go beyond the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications. In fact, ACR has specific FAA-Authority to create minor repairs considered Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) acceptable right out of the box! We have a trusted, established relationship with the FAA and is a major source of pride for the company. But the company’s standing relationship with government aviation authorities isn’t just limited to the United States. ACR has expanded its global engineering capabilities to receive approved certification as a repair station from EASA, China CAAC, Thai DGAC and Indonesian DGAC as well. Which only adds extra intrigue to the daily operations of the ACR Receiving Department as it’s not just the fun of guessing what’s in the box, but where in the world the box shipped from too!

Aircraft Component Repair (ACR) will be an exhibitor at the Aviation Week MRO Europe October 14-15, 2015 in London, England. Please stop by our booth #342 to say hello and inquire about how our services can assist your company!

Remy Englander

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